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What are you looking for?

In my life I have witnessed many who are wandering. They once knew where they were going but life is off track and now they just wander around. As a believer this saddens my heart to see people go astray just to wander. My question in my head is always, “What are you looking for?”

What is out there in the world that is drawing you in? What is it? Lack of motivation maybe, trial and tribulations, offense, heartbreak, contentment or a series of rebellion could that be it? With this question in my head and heart I need to share with you something that I can see from the outer perspective. What I mean is that I”m not in your head. I’m not in your heart but I know who wants to be. I know what you are looking for.

You are looking for love. You are looking for peace. You are looking for help. You are looking for companianship. You are looking for mercy. You are looking for joy. You are looking for satisfaction and desire.

If those are the things we want, why do we look for them in the bar, in another person, in our homes, in our work enviroments, in the woods, in our phones or social media, and in our kids? Why? Because the enemy has you confused. He has you thinking that the things here on this earth are eternal.

The things here on this earth are made up of vapor but we believe they are made of gold. Gold is in the heavenlies only. There you will find a Savior, a redeemer, a restorer, a hope, a joy, a future, a helping hand, a grace delieverer, and a newfound motivation that drives you to love people more than tasks or things.

So I’m writing this to encourage you! Stop looking out there! Look in the Word of God, look in the church doors and look past the mistakes of people into the heart of God. There you will find all you need!

The Bible says, in James 5: 19-20 that if someone among you wanders away from the truth and is brought back you can be sure that whoever brings the sinner back from wandering will save that person from death and bring about the forgiveness of many sins.

So what are you looking for? Ask yourself this question and humbly answer. I pray today that you will stop wandering and instead you will find the Lord today! He is there waiting for you. It just takes one humble answer.




How do you find your way in the mazes of life? Jesus is most surely the answer, but as a child of God sometimes we lack direction and we are desperate for a voice to tell us where to go next. Sometimes, in the midst of the chaos we choose worldly voices over heavenly voices. The Holy Spirit is guiding us, but our feelings are detouring us. We get in the way sometimes causing the light unto our path to flicker off until we are standing in the midst of a very dark and terrifying maze of trespasses, mistakes and hopelessness.
When I was young I loved looking through the activity books that came in the birthday swag bags to find the MAZE!¬† I liked the mazes way more than connect the dots or color by number. I wanted a challenge. Searching for the path was my fuel. Life is complicated like a maze. The challenges we face, the walls that block us from moving forward, and the detours that misdirect us all are Satan’s master plan to distract you off the lit path to your purpose and calling.
That’s where I started searching for a path that would lead me through the challenges, over the walls and around the detours to the final destination of God’s perfect plan and will. I want to call this the “Grace Path.”
It’s simple I did a few things on my journey to find my way. I needed direction and His grace was there and sufficient for me. So this word Grace has five components that I feel like were pivotal in my journey to the Unshakeable.
Grace Path
G – Get Going – This step was the first stop because we all know how tough and mundane it becomes to get up early every morning knowing the circumstances that we may have to face. Everyday is a choice for me. Raven, get out of bed and get yourself together. I can’t allow myself to wallow in shame, guilt, or negative thought patterns. That sinking thinking will disrupt and sometimes even shut down the gateway to the grace path.
R – Reach for excellence not perfection – As a born-again perfectionist I have always aimed for perfect every time. This is exhausting to my emotions, my spirit and my family. If I don’t allow my weaknesses to shine some then I will burn out. But if I will reach for my best or excellence then I will burn up with new ideas, fire, and motivation. This means you have to let yourself off the hook sometimes. This does not mean you can be lazy but it means you have to let go of things you cannot control. Be okay with that. This is the toughest part of the grace path for me.
A – Act in love – Many times I saw myself operating out of anger. I wanted every one around me to pay for the pain I felt deep inside. This was not okay. This is the place where God’s first and most important commandment came into play. Love others! Love them when you are angry. Love them when you are sad. Love them when you are confused. Love them when you disagree. Once you start loving people, the world around¬† you becomes an easier place to abide and dine in. Why? Because now you are accomplishing the mission of the King. Not only are you on the path of Grace you are now carrying a torch to lead the way.
C – Create Fun – Here is where you need to let your hair down and enjoy. Yes, enjoy yourself. The path of Grace is not one where shame walks with you. No shame and fear are no longer there. The gift of creation was given to us by a God who saw greatness in us. He wants us to enjoy our lives. So create some fun with your family, create some fun moments with your spouse, create some fun with yourself even and don’t feel ashamed because you are laughing in the midst of a path that can sometimes seem discouraging. You are on your way to the finishing point!
E – Engage with God – This is the step everyday we should revel in. This is the place where we will receive true freedom. Every day take some time to engage in a conversation with the King. Talk to Him as a friend. Give Him time to talk back and listen for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. God always makes a way in the mazes we are in. This should be the place you find great comfort in. Engaging with God will Encourage you in God.
Psalm 23:3 He renews my strength, He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to His name.