Hi, I’m Raven. I’m a mom of two, a happy wife, and a believer in the Unshakeable King (He has been good to me!). If we were having coffee together right now, you’d find out quickly that I’m passionate about the ministry of Jesus. I am the Youth Pastor at my home church in Boaz, Alabama – Free Life Worship. Each week I spend countless moments reaching as many teenagers I can. I want to help them see how to develop a strong and authentic relationship with Christ that will stand the wave and hurricanes of this world.
To teach and see growth every day is my goal. I spend special amounts of time reflecting on what the Word has to say to me as a Christian about the undeserving virtue, Grace. I have written my first book, Unshakeable. I’m expecting God to use this book to help someone out there who in my terms, the world has hit you hard! There is hope, there are second chances, and grace for the season you are in. There is always more from the King, and His more is always GOOD! Never let go!  Stay strong, be UNSHAKEABLE!